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Forms of Financing

Check purchase
Check classes

Service of Factoring:

Factoring it is an operation by which the companies finance their pending accounts of collection:
Checks of deferred payment
You order of purchase
Contracts of benefit of services.

It uses his collection to finance!

When it is necessary to go to the Factoring:
- If their clients take lengths terms to pay and if you had that money you could sell more and increase his benefits
- If you have much Capital in Checks to receive.
- If he wishes to extend terms of payments to his Clients, without harming its monetary Flows
- When he does not wish to grant to his clients great discounts to them by Advance Payments
- When he wishes to obtain discounts in his purchases by advance payment or great volumes.
- When he wishes to control in his portfolio of values the credit risk.

Purchase (or discount) of Checks:

Purchase (or discount) of checks is the operating one by which the collection of checks goes ahead. These can be checks of payment deferred and checks from the day.

Advantages of the check Discount:

  • The own delays of clearing are saved
  • You can right away turn into money the checks that are within the date of collection management.
  • He is avoided the management and collection of the check, to a very advisable cost
  • The delay of the date of payment is avoided

    The check sale of third parties gives immediate availability him of the bottoms without waiting for the victory of checks.

Check classes:

1. Check to the carrier
2. Nominative check
3. Endorsed check
4. Nominative case not at your service
5. Check general cruzado
6. Check special cruzado
7. Conformed check


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