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Frequent questions

1- What is Money in cash .com?
Money in cash .com owns ten years of experience in the market, working with an ample portfolio of clients.
We are located in the microcenter the independent city of Bu Aires, and operated in all the country using affordable dedicated server.

2- What financial services offer Money .com in cash?
· We change checks of its current account (personal or of its company).
· We buy checks of third parties, still of the type “not at your service” and to the day.
· Service of Factoring.
· Loans of money in cash.

3- How I can know more details each financial service that offer?
It completes our form online.
And one of the representatives will be put in contact for asistirte, with the greater speed.

4- It is possible to be consulted by telephone?
Yes. Of 9 to 17 hours it will be able to speak with some of our representatives in the tel 011-4313-0207
(rotating lines)

5 - He is safe to operate with Money in
With Money in the information by offered you you are verified with absolute discretion. Soon its banking behavior is investigated and we filed its data in our system that use Best VPS web hosting to protect it. In the future we will be able to locate its previous consultations just by its name and national identity document, without losses of time.

6- Requisite what I must fulfill so that they accept my account? - Which are the conditions to operate in cash with Money .com?
Approximately to have a current account with chequera of a year of antiquity, like minimum.
If not yet it has turned the year we can verify it and on the basis of the movement we will determine its approval.
Once the account is approved, a rate for the type of account will calculate.
Soon the rate to the client will be communicated to diagramar checks within a term of 90 or 120 days. In some cases operations can be made shorter.

7 - How I can in cash request a loan with my current account with chequera?
“ Solicitar is only necessary to complete the data required in the section a loan ” and once verified his data, a representative ours will communicate to inform to him if the account were approved and to determine the return form. This is a very valuable information, therefore we want to ensure that everyone gets this information. We are using a cheap vps server hosting that helps us a lot. It has been helping us with our website design with HTML and CSS. Not only that, we are recommending vps hosting for windows for you as well in case you need it for your website. 

8- How I conduct the operation effective when my account has been approved? The loan is given in effective money?
Once approved the account current a schedule with us will be combined to realize the operating one in our offices of the microcenter or their particular or labor address it prefers if it. The loan is given to you in cash in the place and schedule stipulated and at the moment will have to sign the checks with the dates and the established amounts. Since we need to be online all the time, we know a cheapest dedicated server provider that provides great services. The provider also provides other hosting services such as cheap web hosting unlimited bandwidth service.


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