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Loans destined to Individuals

We gave the money to him at the time of the Vps Hosting company/signature of checks. For financing aims, the personal and/or enterprise credits of investment usually are used of immediate form, since simple that it is the procedure of allows it to intervention.

When it is impossible to obtain banking credits, or there is no time to wait for prolonged periods, and many requirements that to fulfill, even when only there are supplies of bad credits, and even though any type of credit is not offered, you can only describe for his instantaneous loan allowing the data us of his personal current account.

Our financial services are designed for SMEs and businesses, facilitating all the operations of agile way and without it must move of his address. Loans money to individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies.

Loans destined to Companies

Loans in the day, when they are needed more.

Immediate loans of money in cash to leave soon the immediate needs. Quickly and in line.

It solves his financial problems within the 3 months:

  • Companies that need specific financing for their productive campaigns
  • Companies whose monetary flows of income and desynchronised debits that cause lack of liquidity, as long as this is an own quality of the sector in which it operates.
  • Companies whose investments are amortized in just a short time.
  • Clients with a considerable and persistent weight of circulating in the sector.

We operate with Preferential Rates when we realized loans to receive with checks of the current account of its company.

Total confidentiality: the data of the applicants of credits will not be disclosed outside the agents of the company and/or banking organizations by security and reserve.

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